Intensive English

4 Hours a Day, 5 Days a week

Our intensive English program is the fastest way to reach true fluency in the English language. Learn four hours a day, five days a week, for 12 weeks. Perfect for students and prospective students who intend to study in the United States.

Experience Level - Any

We’ll assess your current English skills and place you accordingly.

Start Anytime

Our continuous sessions allow you to start anytime. Talk to an advisor about the best start date for you!


Course Offerings

Academic Focus

4 week sessions

This course is specifically designed for those preparing to attend an English based college or university. Not only will you learn to speak proper English, but you’ll also learn to speak and write in academic settings.

General Focus

4 week sessions

The track is focused on everyday, practacal English for a wide variety of situations. If you don’t have a specific reason you’re learning English, we reccomend this course.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Speak English with Confidence

Our number one concern is that you learn to speak English fluently and confidently in all situations.


Experience Culture in the United States

We love our country and the culture here, we want you to experience it and learn from it.


Connect with Your Global Family

We’re all brothers and sisters, and we want to help you feel connected to our global family.


Equip Yourself to Help Your Community

Whenever you finish studying with us, we hope you’ll return home ready to better help your community.


What Our Students Say

Studying at Antares was incredibly a great experience. Antares is a place where outstanding programs are offered at affordable prices, with flexible payment modalities, and by experienced teachers who constantly implement a weekly based system control to challenge students to meet study goals and expectations.

Dr Kouassi Gilles Mevo, Benin (French

Former Student

Every day was so much fun that I couldn’t wait to go to school. The teachers, including the school owner, were very kind and taught me English in an easy to understand manner. I had more fun in this school than I had experienced so far. I am very grateful to the wonderful teachers and kind friends.

Sari Masuda, Japan

Former Student