Tuition & Expenses

Here are some example costs to help you plan for your stay with us in the U.S.A.


Student Living Expenses

Coming Soon

We’re still working on crunching some numbers to get you the most accurate estimates possible. Check back in a month or two! We’d still be happy to talk you through your options and what to expect, just get in touch with us!

Financial Aid

Scholarships Available

Not sure you can afford attending school at Antares? Fill out a quick form and see if you qualify for a scholarship or grant.


What Our Students Say

Studying at Antares was incredibly a great experience. Antares is a place where outstanding programs are offered at affordable prices, with flexible payment modalities, and by experienced teachers who constantly implement a weekly based system control to challenge students to meet study goals and expectations.

Dr Kouassi Gilles Mevo, Benin (French

Former Student

Every day was so much fun that I couldn’t wait to go to school. The teachers, including the school owner, were very kind and taught me English in an easy to understand manner. I had more fun in this school than I had experienced so far. I am very grateful to the wonderful teachers and kind friends.

Sari Masuda, Japan

Former Student